Does Your Website Make Your Customers Wait?

If your site loads slower than two seconds, you could be losing 50% of your traffic!

See how much faster your site could be loading.

Get your free analysis for an optimization!

You've probably tried Facebook Ads, SEO, funnels and other things to get more conversions on your site.

Those strategies are expensive, slow and not guaranteed to work. 

You know what does work every single time?

Making your website load faster.

Not only will a faster website improve your conversions,

it'll benefit every other thing you do (like SEO and funnels).

Wouldn't getting a fast and stable website be a smarter investment than throwing another $10k at paid traffic?

How can we help you?

Did your website get hacked?

We can recover your website from a hack

If your site got hacked, our team can restore it. We remove the malware from your database and ensure your site won't get hacked again.

Our team scans your site for malicious code and installs security mechanisms you can keep using, even after we're finished.

Is your site loading slower than 2 seconds?

Get your free analysis below

You could be losing 50% of your conversions with a slow website. We can bring it up to speed. 

Statistics show that Google and humans prefer using websites that load faster than two seconds.

did your site break from an update?

We can fix your site if updates broke it

Are you afraid of breaking things when installing updates? Or did your site already stop working after your theme or plugins have been updated?

Our team performs updates on your site, manages backups and double-checks that everything is working as expected, 24/7.

Do you spend too many hours

on managing your site?

Our clients save up to 100 hours per month through us

We can add content, pop-ups, subscription forms, and can manage the backend of your site for you.

Let us do the daily maintenance so you can focus on growing your business.

Why WP Mastery?

Why work with us?

We provide WordPress flat-rate maintenance services and also one-off loading speed optimization packages.

We are an agency based in Germany with a globally distributed team and work with businesses all over the world. 

Our clients range from SaaS businesses to freelancers and coaches, from design agencies to health care companies.


We manage 100+ WordPress sites.

As of January 2018, we maintain and manage WordPress websites for over 100 businesses and entrepreneurs.


Our clients save 10-100 hours per month.

By having us take care of ANYTHING related to their WordPress websites (from adding content to updates and security), our clients save up to 100 hours of work per month.


Simple communication, 24/7.

Email inbox zero is our mantra, to ensure solid communication with our clients and partners.

You can email us your tasks or questions at any time, we'll respond within hours.


Ongoing support for our customers.

By managing your WordPress websites, you are trusting us with a holy asset in your business. We pay back that trust with ongoing support for all types of questions you have.

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Master WordPress.
In every aspect.

Whether you're generating leads for your business, monetize your blog with affiliate marketing or run a WooCommerce shop.

We've probably written a post or two about it.

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Anthony John Amyx

 Anthony John Amyx 

 Growth Strategist 


“When it comes to WordPress Jan is your guy! He has been my go to WordPress person for years now. One thing I love about him is he always delivers on time and usually even ahead of schedule!

This is unheard of for many web peeps. So if you’re looking for someone who’s reliable and can help with any of your WordPress needs, he is your guy.”

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