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Automated Recurring Tasks In Your Devops

Learn what Continuous Integration (CI) can do for your business

Discover 5 benefits implementing CI will bring to your WP agency and see howd I save 4-6 hours every week by automating boring, recurring tasks. Download my free PDF guide today and make your processes flow like a calm river.

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Implement Automated Deployments

I can set up automated deployment processes for your WP agency, so that code gets deployed when you push it to your code versioning tool.

White-Label Speed Optimization

I will do a white-label speed optimization for your customer’s websites at competitive rates.  If necessary, I can also help with site migrations.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Need a new functionality in your website that no plugin has? I will build a custom plugin for you that does exactly what you want.

Level up your coding with VS Code Pro

My buddy Ahmad Awais created this course that will teach you power-user workflows in VS Code. It saves me 2-3 hours every week, highly recommend it.

White-Label Website Maintenance

I have partnered with WP Buffs to offer white-label maintenance services for agencies and freelancers like yourself. Add recurring revenue without building a team!

Schedule your personal one-on-one consulation

Got questions about a project you’re working on, implementing automations in your coding workflows, or about something else WP-related? I’m here to help, let’s do a consultation.

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5 reasons wP developers Should Use Automated deployments

Download this free guide to see why I use CI & CD in my WP agency and how it saves me 4-8h every week.

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5 reasons you should use automated deployments