Get started with CI

This 47-step checklist guides you through setting up your own CI server for your wP development

What is CI and why do you need it?

If you’re like me and most other developers & agency owners, you’re always pressed on time and putting out fires.

Continuous Integration (CI) helps you speed up your development processes by automating recurring tasks. 

You can use it to run tests, optimize your code for loading speed, run security checks, or automate deployments.

You know that learning new development practices is important and benefits your company, but you need to learn in a very efficient manner.

Hence, I’ve prepared an actionable checklist to start with CI your WP development today.

With this checklist, you’ll set up automated code deployments to ANY web host in no time. All you need is a GitHub repository.

14-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Understand CI

The PDF guide you received gives you a solid understanding of the five benefits you can get from using CI.

Discover the Tools

The CI Starter Checklist explains what tools you can implement, even if your budget is only $5 per month. It even gives you a $50 credit for those tools.

install the Tools

The CI Starter Checklist walks you through the installation step by step and links you to actionable 3rd-party resources with copy & paste commands.

Run your first cI Pipeline

After working through the CI Starter Checklist, you’ll be able to build and run your first CI pipeline for automated deployments. That’s the starting point for your CI journey.

Pressed On time but excited for CI?

Want to start with CI Now?

I feel you, WP developers and agency owners are always short on time. While working on (likely multiple) projects, there’s little time to improve your devops.

That’s why I put together a CI Starter Checklist.

It gives you actionable advice on how you can get started with CI TODAY.

14-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Who Is Behind WP Mastery

Hey, I'm Jan!

Here’s a bit of background about myself and WP Mastery.

Yes, that’s me at my wedding. I chose to share this very intimate moment with you, because it embodies why I  started my WordPress agency in 2012.

I became self-employed and go above and beyond for my customers because I care about my family and want to serve my wife.

Running my own agency allows me to take time off when needed, provides me with a better income than my previous job, and lets me build a team and run processes that give me more free time.

For this reason, I need to make my business as stable as possible. Hence, I do all I can to make my customers succeed with their goals.

As seen on

I’m active in the WordPress space since 2012 and have been featured, amongst others, on these platforms.

Do you want to start using CI now?

We can do it Together.

14-day Money-Back Guarantee.

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