How WordPress categories can improve user experience

Hey, today I’ve got a tip from WP Engine‘s founder Jason Cohen for you. It’s related to how WordPress categories can help you improve the user experience on your website.

Let me back up:
Yesterday evening I was sitting next to my girlfriend on our couch and was working on the new design for WP Mastery.

As I revised the existing contents, I noticed that I wasn’t following this advice myself – even though I heard it first hand.

In his interview for the WP Summit, Jason gave a powerful tip on using WordPress’ built-in category and posts functions for your content.

He said:
Instead of linking to an article on your website, why not link to WordPress categories or tags? This brings up not one article, but all your articles for a certain topic, and lets the visitor choose what’s most interesting.

Before hearing this statement, I never thought of using categories and tags this way. Maybe, because WordPress doesn’t make it easy to link to a category or tag.

How to link to WordPress categories

Here’s how you can get the URL to a category archive:

First, you go to “Posts” -> “Categories”. Hover over the category you want to link to, and then click on “View”.

WordPress categories

This will open up the public category archive, showing all your posts in that category.

You then can simply copy the URL from the address bar and use it in your content:

Getting a WordPress category URL

That’s a sneak¬†peek of the new WP Mastery design for you as well ūüėČ

I’m curious:
Have you ever used WP categories or tags as links in your content?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Talk soon,

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How WordPress categories can improve user experience