Let’s See How A WordPress Site Can Grow Your BUsiness.

WordPress is more than just a platform to build websites on. It’s a tool to convert visitors into leads and customers 24/7.

By using the right plugins and a good theme, you can build a platform that grows your business in a sustainable way.

Jan Koch

What is WP Mastery?

The WordPress world is a crowded and noisy place. WP Mastery is my try to reduce that noise to what’s essential: building business platforms with WordPress.

I’m sending newsletters in three different rhythms: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Those newsletters contain actionable tips and real-world advice for entrepreneurs, on using WordPress to grow their businesses. Topics vary from efficient WordPress administration, over plugin and theme recommendations, to strategies for lead generation and sales funnels.

As a bonus for my subscribers, I’ve created a powerful and actionable WordPress checklist, especially for entrepreneurs. This will give you guidance in building a powerful platform for your business.

Who Is Jan Koch?

I’m a German entrepreneur and I work with WordPress since 2011. From 2008 to 2011 I studied Business Informatics in a dual system and got my integrated degree with a grade of 1.9.

My initial plan was to use this degree to get a well-paid job. I ended up working as Business Consultant in a mid-size company with 100+ employees – but not getting the salary I expected.

Even though my initial career plans didn’t work out, I decided to stick to the traditional route. I started upskilling myself and studying for a masters degree in IT Security, alongside my full-time job.

The main motivation to get the masters degree was the salary, which I expected to be around 100,000€ per year. But that motivation shouldn’t last for long.

Even though I love coding, working on IT projects and the overall web development world, the pressure of having a full-time job and studying for a masters degree was too much for me.

I broke down and went to the hospital for two days. In these two days, I decided to quit my beliefs in the traditional job world and to become self-employed.

Ever since I haven’t looked back. I’m working with exciting companies and entrepreneurs all over the world now.

What others say about Jan

Dr. Christine Kaczmar
Dr. Christine Kaczmar
Loomis Digestive Health Specialist

Jan helped me rebuild my site to become a mobile responsive site. His communication, style, and work ethic were superior.

I continue to consult with Jan because I can rely on his skills and expertise.

Andy Zitzmann
Andy Zitzmann
Co-Host of the Movement Marketing Summit

Jan Koch is not just any website designer. He is also an entrepreneur and content creator himself and thus, understands the needs of an entrepreneur.

He guides you and helps you create a website that will attract your target audience, encourage them to opt-in so you build your list and portray you as an expert and leading, authoritative figure in your niche.

Additionally, Jan guides and assists on the other pieces to make it all work – hosting, security and backup which most designers leave up to you or just ignore altogether.

Most importantly, Jan gets the project done on time as designed and is super responsive to any questions or needs before, during and after the project is finished.

He has built my business sites as well as many of my clients’ and colleagues’. He is also very price/cost competitive and simply over-delivers in all that he does.

If you’re looking to build a brand and launch a movement or business online, Jan Koch is your guy!

Darren Casey
Darren Casey
Coach To Elite Entrepreneurs

Jan solved my problem within 48 hours… after others spent weeks messing around… Jan was professional and super efficient, He advised me what he was going to do and he delivered, more than what I anticipated and gave me support for weeks afterwards. 100% highly recommended and a refreshing change to have a highly reliable techie’.

Nicole Holland
Nicole Holland
Host of the Business Building Rockstars Summit

Jan is a WordPress Rockstar and I’m thrilled to see that he’s sharing his gifts with entrepreneurs interested in building an online business from scratch.

If you want to start rocking the web but don’t know how to get your ideas off the ground, Jan will help you do that with his WP Mastery brand.

This is a total no-brainer, life-changing investment.

Take the first step in mastering WordPress