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Hey, I'm Jan!

Yes, that’s me at my wedding. I chose to share this very intimate moment with you, because it embodies why I  started my WordPress agency in 2012.

I became self-employed and go above and beyond for my customers because I care about my family and want to serve my wife.

Running my own agency allows me to take time off when needed, provides me with a better income than my previous job, and lets me build a team and run processes that give me more free time.

For this reason, I need to make my business as stable as possible. Hence, I do all I can to make my customers succeed with their goals.

WordPress Development.

I build custom themes and plugins, using state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks. I also customize your existing WordPress websites.

Website Optimization.

Making websites load blazingly fast makes me feel fantastic. Diving into the components to optimize them is like an addiction to me.


I love partnering and connecting with other WP businesses. No matter if agency, plugin or theme creator – the WP ecosystem is an exciting space to work in.

Coding & Devops.

I’m a sucker for efficiency. Writing code comes with many repetitive tasks, which I’m on a mission to automate as far as possible. Automation saves time & improves code quality.

What I do.

Scaling WP Agencies.

The WordPress world is a noisy space with lots of exciting things going on. 

With WP Mastery, I am setting out to cut through the noise and help WP agencies by working efficiently, writing high quality code, and building outstanding products for their clients.

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I’m active in the WordPress space since 2012 and have been featured, amongst others, on these platforms.

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