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My team can make your site load faster.

47% of consumers expect your site to load under 2 seconds. Send us your URL and we’ll tell you how fast your website or shop could be loading. Free of charge.

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Loading time is crucial for business websites. Is your website loading faster than your competitors?

We can make WordPress sites load fast. Here are a few optimizations we’ve done in the past.

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Why should you care about loading speed?


Attention spans get shorter and shorter. Customers demand that shops load faster than 2 seconds (Source: Google).


Competition is tough in the marketing world. If your competitors’ site or portfolio loads faster than yours, you’re in trouble.


Statistics prove that the conversion rate increases as the loading time decreases.

“When it comes to WordPress Jan is your guy! He has been my go to WordPress person for years now. One thing I love about him is he always delivers on time and usually even ahead of schedule!

Anthony John Amyx

Anthony John Amyx

Growth Strategist

Jan solved my problem within 48 hours… after others spent weeks messing around… Jan was professional and super efficient, He advised me what he was going to do and he delivered, more than what I anticipated and gave me support for weeks afterwards.

100% highly recommended and a refreshing change to have a highly reliable techie.

Darren Casey

Darren Casey

Fitness Entrepreneur, Creator of the Rapid Method Program

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