Brilliant insights on validating business ideas and building software businesses

I’m joined by Jason Amunwa, Director of Product at Digital Telepathy.

It’s been almost a month since I published the last episode of JK TV. That’s why I wanted to do something special with this episode! For the first time I’m introducing a guest to JK TV.

Jason AmunwaJason and I connected through a beta program of the Flare plugin, the social sharing tool you’re seeing on my page. I’m providing feedback, ideas and my experiences to Jason and his team and try to contribute a little bit to the development of Flare and the overall Filament suite.

The reason I wanted to interview Jason is, because he’s doing an amazing job managing Filament and he has incredible knowledge in building businesses, designing and creating products and most-of-all validating business ideas.

Highlights of the interview

  • Why Filament came to live and what to learn from the process
  • Validating your business idea before wasting time and money
  • Positioning your product in crowded markets
  • Starting a WordPress development business
  • Being a coder versus hiring contractors

Learn more about Jason & Digital Telepathy

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