Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey, Jan here.

To keep things transparent and honest on this website, I’m disclosing that I include links to certain products or services on this site which I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchase you make. The reason for that is, that I’m running WP Mastery as a for-profit business.

Of course, my interest is to educate you about using WordPress and sharing my thoughts on running online businesses, but in the end I have to somehow pay my bills.

At this point, WP Mastery is too big for me to go through all articles and list each and every product or program that I used affiliate links for. Given this fact, please assume that all links going out to third-party products, courses, or services, are affiliate links – just to be safe.

However, even though I receive compensations for purchases made through my links, I am very careful about what affiliate links I place. I only recommend products or services that I am using or have used myself – so that I can share my own, independent, experiences. Of course, those experiences usually are positive, otherwise I wouldn’t even mention or recommend a given product or service.

There are millions of affiliate programs online, but I only participate in a carefully selected number of those. Examples would include links to Cloudways.

Please note that I usually do not receive free products or services by these companies in exchange for mentioning on WP Mastery. If I do, I disclose this in the respective context.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact me through my contact page.


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