You’re about to discover the #1 eBook that cuts through the clutter and provides the WordPress blueprint to building businesses and selling digital products online.

The WordPress Handbook For Entrepreneurs shows you how to build a WordPress platform that sells digital products.

If you’re finally ready to launch your WordPress site and build a business online, then you will need some guidance in the noisy WordPress world.
After spending weeks or even months working on your business idea, you’re now ready to take it online. Or maybe you are already running a business and want to bring it’s online platform to a new level?
But how do you create the platform for your business that brings in more leads and sales for your business? You’ve heard about WordPress as the go-to way to build a website on a budget.
Here’s the thing….
Most WordPress users are intimidated by the number of options they have. Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins for download, a new technology to learn, and countless tutorials that all look and work differently.
And I totally can relate to that feeling. I felt just as intimidated when I started using WordPress three years ago.
The single biggest obstacle to you building a WordPress site that grows your income is the wholly erroneous belief that you’ve got to understand all the tech.
Creating a WordPress site for your business doesn’t require you to write a single line of code, or even just to figure out what’s going on under the hood of your website.
Using WordPress is like driving a car. You most likely don’t know how the engine works, yet you can drive it.
Why is nobody telling you that? Because all the WordPress developers want to you to hire them.
The truth though is, that you can build a WordPress site entirely on your own. Without hiring anybody for the tech stuff.
In the past three years, I’ve taught many online entrepreneurs how to build and run their WordPress sites.
And now I’ve condensed the most important advice into my actionable WordPress Handbook for Entrepreneurs.
WordPress handbook for Entrepreneurs
This handbook does all the heavy lifting for you. It shows you step-by-step how to build a WordPress site you can sell digital products on.
Whether you’re planning to sell a course, an eBook or a private membership – my WordPress Handbook for Entrepreneurs has got you covered.
Even if you’re already running a WordPress site but struggle to make it work the way you want it, this Handbook will help you improve your site.
This is the full table of contents:
  1. Building The Foundation
    1. Choosing The Right Web Host
    2. Choosing The Right Theme
    3. Installing Mandatory Plugins
  2. Fast Ways to Creating Content That Attracts Your Ideal People
    1. Let WordPress Help You Create Content
    2. The Post Framework That Saves You Time In Writing
    3. The 30-Minute Content Promotion Strategy
  3. Selling Digital Products On WordPress
    1. How To Set Up A Membership Area
    2. A Membership Area Break-Down
    3. What You Should Know About Payment Providers
    4. Setting Up The Sales Process
    5. Membership Plugin Recommendations
I’ve deliberately laid out a process for you that lets you build a robust WordPress site for your online business, regardless if you’re just getting started or want to improve your existing site.
The WordPress Handbook For Entrepreneurs comes with:
  • step-by-step tutorials on configuring WordPress and installing the right plugins
  • a 30-item checklist on choosing the perfect WordPress theme
  • 4 detailed WordPress theme reviews
  • actionable strategies for content creation and promotion
  • a proven way to sell digital products on WordPress
Since we all don’t like to dabble with tech stuff, I’ve written this Handbook in plain English and avoided all the fancy tech speak.
You’ll be able to follow along even if you can’t write code and have to tech background. In fact, I’m explaining the steps in such detail that coders would be bored from reading this Handbook.
To make this information as accessible as possible to anybody, I’m charging only $27 for this Handbook.
You’ve probably heard other marketers say something like “I could easily charge twice as much” or “this is worth 10x the price” on other websites. Well, for the WordPress Handbook for Entrepreneurs, this is true.
Remember, this Handbook will show you how to build a WordPress site and sell your digital products online, even if you’re starting from scratch.
Imagine you price your course at $297, then the first sale alone would already bring in more than 10x the price of this eBook.
For just $27 I’m giving you the WordPress blueprint for your online business. Click the blue button below to get your copy today!
To make things even more secure for you, I’m giving you a 14-day money back guarantee.
So you can check out the full WordPress Handbook for Entrepreneurs for 14 days; and if you don’t like it, you’ll simply get your money back.
By the way, 14 days is plenty of time to build the entire WordPress website if you follow the Handbook.

Here’s what some of my clients say about my WordPress skills and teaching qualities:

Dr. Christine Kaczmar
Dr. Christine Kaczmar
Loomis Digestive Health Specialist

Jan helped me rebuild my site to become a mobile responsive site. His communication, style, and work ethic were superior.

I continue to consult with Jan because I can rely on his skills and expertise.

Andy Zitzmann
Andy Zitzmann
Co-Host of the Movement Marketing Summit

Jan Koch is not just any website designer. He is also an entrepreneur and content creator himself and thus, understands the needs of an entrepreneur.

He guides you and helps you create a website that will attract your target audience, encourage them to opt-in so you build your list and portray you as an expert and leading, authoritative figure in your niche.

Additionally, Jan guides and assists on the other pieces to make it all work – hosting, security and backup which most designers leave up to you or just ignore altogether.

Most importantly, Jan gets the project done on time as designed and is super responsive to any questions or needs before, during and after the project is finished.

He has built my business sites as well as many of my clients’ and colleagues’. He is also very price/cost competitive and simply over-delivers in all that he does.

If you’re looking to build a brand and launch a movement or business online, Jan Koch is your guy!

Darren Casey
Darren Casey
Coach To Elite Entrepreneurs

Jan solved my problem within 48 hours… after others spent weeks messing around… Jan was professional and super efficient, He advised me what he was going to do and he delivered, more than what I anticipated and gave me support for weeks afterwards. 100% highly recommended and a refreshing change to have a highly reliable techie.

Nicole Holland
Nicole Holland
Host of the Business Building Rockstars Summit

Jan is a WordPress Rockstar and I’m thrilled to see that he’s sharing his gifts with entrepreneurs interested in building an online business from scratch.

If you want to start rocking the web but don’t know how to get your ideas off the ground, Jan will help you do that with his WP Mastery brand.

This is a total no-brainer.