Want a WordPress site but don’t know how to start?

With our “WP Mastery – Free Blog Setup” offer, you can get started in no time. We’ll install your blog for free and add important plugins for SEO and security as well.
Your blog will be hosted with your own domain name and on your own web hosting account, with the latest version of WordPress.

I can only offer this service for free to you because I teamed up with WordPress web hosts. When you use an affiliate link of my partner web hosts, they will pay me, and I can use that money to install your WordPress site for free.

A second requirement is to like my Facebook page and to follow me on Twitter so that we can stay connected.

This way you can get your quality blog without having to worry about the setup, and I get a small commission from the web host. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Steps to follow

  1. Sign up with one of the web-hosts below. Make sure to use the link we provide as otherwise you won’t be eligible for the free setup.
  2. Like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.
  3. Share this post on social media:
    “Just got my free #WordPress blog setup via WP Mastery. https://wpmastery.xyz/free-wp-setup”
  4. Once you got your domain and web hosting account, request your free setup by filling out the form below.

Recommended web hosts

Bluehost (for beginners)

Cloudways (for enthusiastics)
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Common questions

 1. Who is doing the free blog setup?

I’m doing the blog setup myself. I’m working with WordPress since 2011 and have set up countless blogs for entrepreneurs and companies all over the world.

2. Why are you doing this for free?

I get paid a referral commission from the web hosts so that I don’t need to charge you money. It’s a win-win situation: you get a great new website and a free blog setup.

3. Can you use other web hosts than my partners?

Nope. The free setup is possible because I teamed up with the web hosts shown on this page.

4. What’s the difference between Bluehost and Cloudways?

Bluehost manages your WordPress site, emails and domain. But their cheap plans are on shared hosting and the site will load slower than on Cloudways.

Cloudways only manages your WordPress site, you’ll need to get your domain and emails on services like Namecheap and Google Mail. But your site loads like a rocket and you’ve got your own cloud server.

Usually, Bluehost is good when you’re starting out. When you already have a domain and Gmail though, I recommend investing in Cloudways.

5. How quickly will you set up my blog?

After submitting the form below it usually takes 24h to 48h to install your blog, depending on how many people are in the queue. I don’t work on weekends. If you’re waiting longer than 48h and haven’t heard from me, email me at [email protected]

6. I already have a hosting account. Can you set up a free blog for me there?

Sorry, I can only provide the free blog setup to new hosting accounts.

7. How much does web hosting cost?

The monthly costs depend on the plan you choose. You can get started with a domain and web hosting for roughly $5 USD per month. Please don’t use any external coupons. Using those might conflict with my collaboration with the web host and thus you might NOT be eligible for the free WP setup. Use my link only when signing up.